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Client Feedback

We didn’t know how to help Jake, so we just stayed home. We used daycare for when we were at work, but at night we wouldn’t leave the house. We were prisoners. We loved Jake and it was painful to think we could give up on him, but we were at the end of our rope. And it was starting to affect our relationship, too. We had no hope, but our daycare manager said she knew a trainer who could help us and put us in touch with Jennifer. Treating Jake’s separation anxiety wasn’t easy, and it took six months. But there was a night where we were able to actually go out to dinner together leaving Jake at home, and we realized it was the first time we had done that in five years. Thank you, Jennifer!

Sharon P. and Vicki L.
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Project Date: 24.02.2015

Project Budget: 10.000 USD

Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS

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